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HARO. More uploads.

Hikaru Genji - Starlight

(A song from Hikaru Genji, a J.E. group from the 1980's. Kis-My-Ft2's prototype. *LOL*)

J-Friends - Ashita ga Kikoeru

(The first single of the J.E. supergroup released in 1998. J-Friends consists of TOKIO, V6 and KinKi Kids)

KinKi Kids - Ai no Katamari

(Was once sung by Ryo Nishikido and Jin Akanishi in Shounen Club.)

KinKi Kids - to HEART

(A dramatic and mushy song from KinKi Kids)

Shonentai - Kamenbudoukai

(Another 80's J.E. group.)

Shonentai - Kimidakeni

(Another Shonentai song.)

TOKIO - Overdrive

(Sung by Ya-Ya-yah and the Juniors in a medley in Shounen Club last August. The song was released this year.)

V6 - Cosmic Rescue

(A song by V6 released in 2003. Was sung by Shoon Yamashita during his solo in Shounen Club last August)

V6 - Made in Japan

(V6's second single. Taiyo Ayukawa sang this song as part of the Nippon medley in one of their live stage performance in the Ya-Ya-yah show.)

REIRA starring Yuna Ito - TRUTH

(The second single Yuna Ito released as REIRA. Very moving ballad. Strongly recommended.)

Yuna Ito - Precious

(Yuna Ito's second best-selling song after Endless Story. The theme song of the movies Umizaru~Limit of Love. One of my personal favorites ever.)

Takako Uehara - My First Love

(This was Takako Uehara's first solo effort while still a member of the girlgroup speed.)

more to be uploaded later. Please check from time to time.

mp3 dump, 1st batch: TAIYO SONGS


OK. This is bakahachi, and I'm now sharing the first batch of uploads. The theme for this batch is TAIYO, songs that contain the word TAIYO in their titles. From Japanese folk, to girl pop to Visual Kei, feel free to download anything you want.

Hitomi Shimatani - Destiny~Taiyo no Hana

Japanese Folk Song - Te no Hira o Taiyo ni

Kanako Hoshino - Taiyo

LEAD - Te no Hira no Taiyo ni

Melon Kinenbi - Namida no Taiyo

Miyuki Kanbe - Taiyo no Rakuen~Promised Land

Namie Amuro - Taiyo no SEASON

Shela - Tsuki to Taiyo

Taiyo to Ciscomoon - Tsuki to Taiyo

ZONE - Taiyo no Kiss

** I did not include common mp3's, those of J.E. groups NewS (Akaku Moyuru Taiyo) and ARASHI (Taiyo no Sekai), or even Kumi Koda (Tsuki to Taiyo).

mic test... mic test

This is bakahachi again, and I'm re-introducing this journal, this time for mp3 dump purposes. As soon as I've finished uploading the first batch, feel free to download anything, I'll make the download posts easy to access through tags. However, I can't accept requests. Sorry too for my lame layout. *LOL*

First batch would be songs containing 'TAIYO' in their titles.

* MU and I hate each other mutually, so I guess many of you will be fine with MF or SS. :D

Every post will be public for a week and then, I'll be locking them.

Advanced Merry Christmas to those who'll read this.


attempt: SEMI-FAILED...kinda XD

(click to enlarge)

this is what I made. Featuring Tacchon...XD

If you liked the format, but want your own colors (and header as well), I'll put the CSS code here, I mean, edit this post [or it depends on the way you'd like to contact me]...and oh yes, I made one of the same format, but of different colors featuring Ryo and Subaru

"series layout project"

I'm trying to make S2 Smooth Sailing layouts featuring J.E. groups. Now I don't know which group I'm going to start it with. The guys have their own colors that represent them, e.g. Kanjani8, so that would mean the theme of the layouts would correspond automatically to their own color.


I'm trying to come up with the idea...well, I'm now experimenting on Smooth Sailing.